Modrol Electric

Modrol established an advanced manufacturing electric control center in JiangMen trade and technolgies college


April 15, Jiangmen, Jiangmen Polytechnic Institute and co-founded Mond Electric Industry 4.0 and advanced equipment manufacturing training center inaugurated in the school. The city is the "Pearl Western strategy" source, advanced equipment manufacturing industry is one of the five key development, the establishment of the training center will be to train high-quality technical skilled personnel, boost "Jiangmen Chi-made." Under the agreement, the training center will serve as teachers, students, and research and innovation platform project incubator, bear the "motor testing technology", "automatic control technology" courses allow students to advance butt-end business skills to enhance learning.


At present, Guangdong Province docking state "along the way" implementation plan "West Pearl strategy" is a strategic source of Jiangmen City, is making every effort to implement the provincial government "Pearl west strategy," concentrating on creating "three" building "three hearts" ; PengJiang core area is the cradle of "air", focusing on the development of three major industries of education equipment, intelligent manufacturing, life sciences, industrial innovation and the introduction of the South City, intelligent equipment collaborative innovation educational equipment Research Institute, more than 30 projects, key construction with advanced equipment manufacturing industry, to build China's equipment manufacturing industry Heights. All along, the school "technical school legislation, cultural education, open education, service Hometown" philosophy, carry out "political campus enterprises overseas" cooperation, adhere to the "school-enterprise cooperation," "Work Integrated Learning" development, adhere to the industry with the development of the region, driven by innovation, quality, characteristics of school, quality of personnel training school continues to increase. In Pengjiang government promotion, schools and Jiangmen Modrol Electric Co., Ltd. jointly established "Industry 4.0 and advanced equipment manufacturing training center", to train high-quality technical skills, talents, and strive to industrial transformation and upgrading services.

Jiangmen Modrol Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is an industrial 4.0, advanced manufacturing industries leading provider of technology, committed to the development, production and integrated range of industrial automation products, adhere to technical innovation and to provide more professional services, upgrade power generation manufacturing. The company focuses on school-enterprise cooperation to support the development of vocational education, vocational college this year donated Jiangmen Electrical and Mechanical innovation laboratory control equipment 10 sets, and Jiangmen vocational college co-founded "Industry 4.0 and advanced equipment manufacturing training center."

The new training center will be established as a teacher, student research team open platform for research and innovation, commitment "motor testing technology", "automatic control technology" courses, undertook about 600 hours, while students are familiar with the company's products Modrol and culture, master the mechanical and electrical integration, automatic control technology, advanced manufacturing technology, and business needs of high-end integration skills; in addition, can also serve as corporate staff training, research skills place; as a place for teachers in scientific research and technical services to undertake automation control technical services as well as the mechanical and electrical control class student organizations to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship, skill competition and training venues, as a student research incubator.